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http://www.mmgweekly.com/w/w.html?SID=4e0d67e54ad6626e957d15b08ae128a6As an ongoing service to all of Ken's referring partners who specialize in estate planning, wealth building, investing, and other financial areas, Mortgage Market Guide Weekly is an in-depth look at what is going on in the market emailed weekly.

www.mortgagemarketguide.comFor those not looking for as indepth of an analysis, Ken also subscribes to Mortgage Market Guide Monthly.  A free publication for all interested, please do not hesitate to email us to be added to either mailing list.

www.cmpsinstitute.comIn 2006 Ken became a CMPS.  The CMPS Institute was formed as a joint effort by leaders in the mortgage and financial planning industries to raise professional standards among mortgage professionals and integrate sound financial planning advice into the mortgage process.  A mortgage professional with CMPS credentials has met rigorous, peer-developed and reviewed standards endorsed by a national professional body.

Lenders Who Care is a non-profit, trade organization of mortgage lending professionals.  As a member, Ken is committed to strengthening families and the community he lives in by providing information on affordable home ownership. 

www.narlo.comKen recently joined the National Association of Responsible Loan Officers.  NARLO members are distinctly differnet from the image many people have of mortgage professionals.  NARLO members follow a code of ethics that include placing public interest above their own; continually maintaining and improving their professional knowledge, skills and competence; maintaining practices consistent with current Equal Housing guidelines; obeying all laws and regulations and avoiding any conduct or activity that could cause unjust harm to those who rely upon the professional judgment and skill of the members; diligently performing their occupational duties; and improving the public understanding of mortgage origination. 

As the longest standing member the Del Amo chapter of Leads Club, Ken has been developing relationships with local professionals since he joined in 1996.  Do you need a painter?  A computer repairman?  A florist?  Ken's affiliation with Leads Club allows him to assist his clients in any area he/she may need a referral in.

In 2006 Ken was recoginized as both one of the 
Top 5 Super Brokers of Southern California and Top 10 Most Dependable Mortgage Brokers of Southern California.