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What kind of documenation will you need from me?
*Paystubs for the last month
*Federal Tax Returns and W2s for the past two years (including all schedules)
*Bank Statements for the past two months (all numbered pages)
*Drivers License, State ID, or Passport
*Copy of current homeowners insurance policy

*Divorce decree if you are paying or receiving child support or alimony
*Rental Agreement if you own a rental property
*Corporate tax returns and K1s for the past two years if you are self-employed
*Most recent mortgage statement
*Copy of HOA statement
*Name and phone number of HOA Contact to complete HOA certification if necessary
*Name and phone # of landlord for rental verification (plus 12 months cancelled checks if the property you rent is managed by an individual, not a rental company)

Why do you need all of this documenation?
The lender that funds your loan needs to make sure that it is saleable in the secondary market.  Their investors have strict guidelines and requirements.  The documentation that you provide helps ensure that happens.

When do you need this documenation from me?
The sooner that you can provide us this documenation, the faster your loan will move forward.  Most lenders will not accept a loan application without a complete package.  Some lenders will allow us to fill in a few missing pieces after loan approval, but before we may draw loan docs.  Either way, it is in your best interest to provide us with anything requested up front so that we may thoroughly understand your entire financial picture.