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Though we make every effort to streamline the mortgage process, we know that during your purchase or refinance you will receive a lot of different paperwork from various sources. With so much paperwork coming your way, it may seem difficult to determine what you need to hold on to and what you can throw away. To help simplify this process, just after closing our office will provide you with a CD that contains copies of the paperwork you need to store while you have the loan on your property.  If you prefer, we can send you a "hard copy" of the contents of the CD.  Your CD will contain:

Loan Documents
Your Loan Documents, which you signed just before closing, contains all the details regarding your loan(s).  If you have a First and Second Mortgage, you will have two sets of Loan Documents.  They also contain your Note and Deed of Trust.

Besides giving your home a value based on comparable sales in the area, your Appraisal contains your home's square footage, Accessor's Parcel Number, and other information that may prove helpful to have available in the future.

Credit Report
Though only a snapshot in time, your Credit Report is important to have on hand for future reference.  It's a good idea to review your Credit Report regularly to see if there are any derogatory items showing up.  If any derogatory items are reported, you will need a copy of your Credit Report to remove these items.

Final HUD-1 Statement
You will receive a copy of your HUD-1 Statement just after closing.  Escrow will send you a paper copy along with a refund of any money due you.  We include it on your Closing CD because it shows the financial details of your transaction that may save you money when tax time rolls around.

Various Other Paperwork
We will also provide you copies of your Divorce Decree, Bankruptcy Papers, HOA Documents (including CC&Rs, Bylaws, etc), or any other less common documentation that was made available to us for your purchase or refinance.